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Führichgasse 1, 1010 Wien

Daily from 10:00 - 20:00

Handmade bagels in the heart of Vienna

If you like to enjoy daily freshly prepared vegan bagels with regional ingredients and homemade sauces while strolling in the center, come in! Choose one of our delicious bagels and indulge yourself. Our highlight: the gluten-free bagel, completely contamination-free and no contact with the other bagels. We are also proud of our Pastrami Bagel, we make the pastrami ourselves here, also of our New York Salmon Bagel, with salmon, and last but not least our Breakfast Bagel. You don't have to enjoy the bagel standing up, as there is also plenty of seating in our restaurant to consume it. We are looking forward to your visit!

Breakfast Bagel Avocado crème, omlette, salad, bacon or gouda
Plain Bagel Cream cheese
Caprese Bagel Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, homemade pesto and rucola
Veggie Bagel Grilled vegetables with garlic, salad, avocado crème or homemade humus
Summer Feeling Bagel Cream cheese, salad, grilled goat cheese, fruits of the season, walnuts and fig mustard sauce
New York Salmon Bagel With smoked salmon, cream cheese, fresh salad, red onions, capers and dill mustard sauce
Thunfisch Bagel Tuna, mayo, corn, black olives
Pastrami Bagel Homemade pastrami, cream cheese, pickles, salad, honey-mustard sauce, onions
Bagel mit Hähnchen Cream cheese, pickles, salad, onions and honey-mustard sauce
Do it Yourself Bagel with 5 ingredients (1 Protein)
Bagel Burger 100 % Beef, Red Onion, Bacon, Cream Cheese, Salat, Tomato, Mayonnaise
Sellerie Bagel Avocado Creme, Rucola, Sellerie, Grillvegetables, Joghurt oder Pumpkin Oil
PB&J Bagel Peanut butter, jam, banana
Nutella Bagel With 2 ingredients: strawberries, banana, peanut butter
Don't forget your stamp card, which you will receive on site, the 11th bagel is free!
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